Our Story

Speed Dial Watches was founded in 2018 by Brett Luing and Jordan Auriemma.  It all started in 2016 when Brett and Jordan took a spontaneous trip to New York City.  After exploring the side roads of Little Italy they headed to SOHO to check out some shops.  During this exploration, they came across a Rolex store and decided to pop in, despite knowing they couldn’t afford anything.  After that day, Brett and Jordan continued to share their passion for watches. Fast forward a few years and set the scene to a deli in Morristown, New Jersey.  This is where Jordan first proposed the idea of starting a watch rental company to Brett. Brett and Jordan have worked tirelessly to create, plan and put together Speed Dial Watches, the only company to redefine the process of buying a watch.  Plans and approaches to making Speed Dial Watches a reality have changed over and over again, but the three major goals of the company have remained the same: provide a risk-free way to find watches, help microbrands grow, and, most importantly, improve the watch buying experience.