The watch industry is evolving, and though established brands like Rolex and Cartier may have dominated the professional lifestyle for the last century, it may be worthwhile for potential watch-buyers to invest in something new: a microbrand.

To fully understand the new wave of microbrand watches, a general understanding of the watch industry itself must be had. A watch is a sign of professionality, an expression of personality, and a sign of class. People wear a watch to a job interview, to a date to meet their girlfriend’s parents, or for everyday affairs–having an appropriate watch for each situation is everything. Hence, microbrands.

The growing market is eagerly and hastily creating new styles and experimenting with different mechanisms to fit the customers’ needs in any situation and at an affordable price point. Microbrands take chances that the brand name companies won’t take, and they offer their products at lower price points than the classic brands offer without sacrificing quality. Not to mention that the microbrand industry is the perfect way to be introduced into the watch world.

Each microbrand is striving to earn loyal customers, and in doing so, offer some of the best customer service and personalization in the industry. For example, J. Ciro Designs, a brand included in our beta, not only includes a two-year warranty on their watches, but will change your battery free of charge for life.  Unlike any of the grandfather companies, microbrands are responsive and appreciative of the feedback they get, which translates to improved products and happy watch owners.

A major appeal of microbrand timepieces are the unique stories behind the brands.  In some cases, brands are owned and operated by a one man crew, purely out of of the passion for creating unique timepieces.  No two microbrands have the same journey and with the availability of crowdfunding, some brands hit the ground running extremely fast while others slowly grow their brand.

The brands we offer at Speed Dial reflect these ideals perfectly.  We have formed one-of-a-kind relationships with the brands we offer and know the quality and service is exceptional.

Ultimately, the microbrand industry is worth a try because of the uniqueness, style, exclusivity, and personalization that the customer can’t get anywhere else.  A watch is a statement; make your statement with a microbrand.