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Our Mission

As great as the internet is, there is one major problem with online shopping: you can’t experience the product before you spend your hard earned money.  In the watch world, making up your mind on the brand and style watch you will buy becomes extremely overwhelming.  First off, there are thousands and thousands of watch brands to choose from.  Smaller brands are popping up all over the place and at any point in time you will see over 100 brands seeking funding on Kickstarter.  Of course, all of these brands don’t allow you to try them first and you have no choice but to make up your mind and spend your money.  This can lead to buyer’s remorse and feeling as if you aren’t satisfied.  When it comes to something you will wear on your wrist everyday, you need to make sure that you love it.  So why take the risk of buying a watch without testing it out first?

Our team at Speed Dial Watches recognized this major flaw in online watch shopping and have created an online platform and service that simplifies the entire process of buying a watch.  The platform provides customers with the opportunity to pay a small fee to first try out the watch before making up their mind.  We have teamed up with a number of small, medium and large brands to offer you a wide selection.  Of course, we will continuously add new brands to our website so you have access.  Our goal is for you to try our watches to find the perfect one.  At the point where you know you have found a winner, you will be able to keep the one you already have or receive a brand new one in the mail.  Afterwards, you can go and enjoy your watch, or keep searching for the next piece to add to your collection.

Of course, we know there are many people who like to change up their style every so often.  Our service is here for you too.  We provide an easy, no-strings attached way to constantly have a different watch to wear.  In this case, all you need to do send the watches back before the 2 week trial period finishes.


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